Think you know and abide by every single one of Arizona’s driving laws? Check out the following traffic situations and the little-known laws required in each. Recommit to keeping these laws so you can avoid traffic violations and stay safe on the roads.

#1: Driving in a monsoon or in flooded areas 

Passed in 1995, the Stupid Motorist Law law says that motorists who drive around a barricade or warning sign to drive in a flooded area (such as during a monsoon) may be cited and could be required to reimburse rescue agencies for rescue costs.

#2: Making turns

Whether turning right or turning left, wide, sweeping turns are illegal. You must turn into the closest lane, checking traffic before moving into another lane. And whether you’re turning or changing lanes, forgetting to signal is illegal.

#3: Sharing the road with horses and other animals

According to Arizona traffic law, riders of horses (and other animals) have equal rights to use the roadways. As a motorist, you are legally responsible for approaching with “reasonable precaution to prevent frightening and to safeguard the animals and to ensure the safety of persons riding or driving the animals.”

#4: Sharing the road with bicyclists

Just like riders of animals, bicyclists and motorists have co-equal rights to the roadways. When sharing a lane with a bicyclist, you’re required to allow at least three feet of clearance between you and the cyclist, to moderate your speed, and to use extra caution. Be prepared for cyclists to move left at any time — this is legal and may be necessary for several safety reasons, including avoiding hazards in the road and riding around pedestrians or parked vehicles. Also be aware that if a road is too narrow for a car and bicycle to safely share, a bicyclist may ride in the center of the lane. Never honk at a cyclist — this can startle them and cause them to crash.

#5: Entering and exiting the highway

Do you know what the gore area is and that it’s illegal to drive over or park in it? The gore area is the triangular space between the lanes of a highway and an entrance or exit ramp. Always make sure you’re in the proper lane to safely enter and exit the highway, well in advance. When entering, be sure to increase your speed to match that of vehicles already on the road. When exiting, be sure to signal your exit before you reach the exit ramp.

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