Our hot, hot heat can be a doozy on our vehicles. Witness some poor drivers stranded on the roadside, and you know what we mean. Proactive maintenance of all of your vehicle’s systems and parts is a surefire way to beat the heat and ensure your vehicle remains reliable all summer long. 

Boost your battery

Batteries run out of juice more quickly in the Arizona heat, and battery fluid also evaporates at a faster rate. If your battery is more than three years old, have it tested. If not, help it live its longest life by cleaning any corrosive buildup from battery terminals and table clamps, and checking the clamps for tightness (they shouldn’t move). 

Help your air conditioner keep its cool

The high temps within our cars is no joke, and not having air conditioning can cause driver fatigue, not to mention discomfort while driving. Keep your car comfortable by making sure your AC is in top condition. Check your cabin air filter to make sure it’s clean — a dirty filter means your airflow will be reduced. Also have your cooling system recharged by a pro at the intervals recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. 

Keep your tires properly inflated 

Under-inflated tires plus extremely hot roads is a recipe for a blowout. This is because tires that aren’t inflated properly will overheat. Because your tires lose one pound of pressure a month on average, be sure to check your tires once a month (including your spare) and always check them when tires are cold. Your owner’s manual will have the right inflation pressure recommendations for your particular vehicle. 

Stay on top of your oil change schedule

Heat is extra demanding on your oil and oil filter. Your oil keeps all your engine parts lubricated while the oil filter collects dirt, debris, and even metal fragments that make their way into the system. Make sure that you get your oil and oil filter changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations so that your engine will run optimally. 

Top off your fluids where needed

All the fluids in your vehicle do double duty as coolants, because they conduct heat away from critical parts. This includes motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant, and power steering fluid. If your fluid levels are low, it increases the likelihood of your vehicle overheating. 

Be ready for anything

Even with adequate maintenance, you never know when a breakdown might occur. Be ready for it with a fully charged cell phone, a car charger for your phone, a small supply of water and snacks, and a fully stocked emergency kit that includes jumper cables, basic hand tools, first aid items, a flashlight, extra batteries, and road flares. 

How else can we help you stay safe on the road this summer? Check out Stop and Go Driving School’s courses and schedule your instruction today.