Gettin a red light ticket is a serious, but common offense. But what are the actual consequences of running a red light, and what happens to you if you get cited for it? Here, we explain some of the top statistics regarding red light tickets and crashes here in Arizona and walk you through what your options are in Arizona if you run a red light.

First – here’s what the law says.

Signs around Arizona will tell you to brake on yellow and stop on red. If the light turns yellow and you have already entered an intersection, continue through, but if the light turns yellow prior to entering the intersection, stop and wait for the light to turn green. You must always stop at stop signs and red traffic lights before the painted white line, or if there is no line, before the obvious entrance to the intersection.

As far as tickets go, an intersection in Arizona is defined as the connection of the curb lines. It is not at the beginning of a crosswalk, according to the Scottsdale Police Department. Drivers receiving red light running tickets haven’t just crossed the crosswalk when they run a red light. They are completely out in the intersection, having crossed the intersection line in order to receive a ticket.

Citations cost you about $250 and are a two-point penalty on your license once paid. Note: if you receive a ticket via a red-light camera, your ticket will be about $165. For either ticket, you will either need to pay for it and then will be required to attend Traffic Survival School or if eligible, you may go to Defensive Driving (instead of paying the citation), to remove it off your record.

Red light crashes and tickets in Arizona

Arizona has been ranked as one of the top ten most deadly states in the nation for red light running fatalities and crashes, with Phoenix being the second most dangerous city. Many intersections have cameras throughout the valley that have contributed to a reduction of crashes and fatalities, but this still remains a major issue for Arizona.

What happens if you receive a red light violation

Should you get cited for a running a red light, you may be able to attend Arizona Supreme Court’s Defensive Driving Program to defer your citation. If you paid your ticket, you will be required to attend Traffic Survival School. Either way, you will be going to a class as well as paying a fine.

However, should your red light run cause injuries to another driver or passenger, you will be fined approximately $500. You may lose your drivers license for three months and be required to participate in community service. Should the death of another driver or passenger occur, your fine increases to $1,000, with your license possibly suspended for six months.

And if you don’t complete your driving school course? Well, your license remains suspended.

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