Make a wrong move while driving, and you could wind up with a ticket, points on your driving record, and time spent in traffic school. But although Traffic Survival School (TSS) is required, it results in a positive outcome: It will make you a better, safer driver. 

TSS at Stop and Go Driving School does so much more than just cover the essentials. Here’s what you can expect. 

Expect to Improve Your Driving Record

Driving is a skill that requires knowledge, practice and vigilance. You know that you must demonstrate each of these things to earn your driver license in the first place. 

Driving is also a privilege. All drivers must show that once they receive their license, they will follow the laws and rules of the road in order to keep that privilege. Driving points are used to essentially keep “score” of how well you maintain that privilege. The fewer the points on your driving record, the better. Anytime you’[re convicted of a moving traffic violation, points get applied to your record. Once you accumulate 8 or more points in a 12-month period, you may be required to attend TSS. 

Certain violations cost you more points on your record. If you are convicted of running a red light or stop sign, aggressive driving, or any moving violations resulting in serious injury or fatalities, you’ll be mandated to complete TSS to earn back your driving privilege. 

You will also have to complete TSS if you’re convicted of a DUI, or if you’re under 18 and are convicted of your first moving violation.

If you don’t attend TSS, your license may be suspended for up to 12 months. 

Expect to Learn from Credentialed Instructors at a Licensed School

The instructors at Stop and Go Driving School’s TSS have received extensive training, and most are former school teachers, law enforcement officers, or bus drivers. All have years of experience in the classroom and on the road, and many are also bilingual. They’ve also successfully completed background checks and have passed an exam administered by the Arizona MVD. 

These details are important to us because we want to offer the very best driving education in the state of Arizona. We’re also an Arizona MVD-licensed school. 

Expect to Receive Eight Hours of In-Class Instruction 

The State of Arizona and the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) oversee and monitor TSS instruction. You cannot take traffic school online. You will attend all eight hours of instruction and do so in person in order to complete the course. 

Even though you must take the classes in person, we offer them at a number of convenient locations around the Valley. 

Expect to Finish a Better Driver Than When You Started

This is the objective of TSS: That once you complete the course, you’ll be a safer and better driver. You’ll learn how to be alert to potentially hazardous situations and learn what you need to do to be fully capable of avoiding and causing dangerous situations on the road. 

One thing that’s important to understand is that TSS is not the same as a defensive driving course — even though both offer some similar outcomes in terms of teaching you to be a better driver, there are some important differences. 

For starters, TSS is mandatory and must be taken if you have received a corrective action letter from the MVD. Defensive driving, on the other hand, is an optional course that you can take in place of paying a ticket if you have not accumulated too many points on your driving record. 

Have you received a corrective action letter and are you ready to get your driving record back intact, plus learn how to improve your safety behind the wheel? Start now when you sign up for Stop and Go Driving School’s Traffic Survival School.