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Driving School Blog2018-11-19T17:26:09-07:00

How to Overcome Driving Anxiety

Learning to drive and earning your driver license often brings feelings of freedom and independence. But what if you’re one of those drivers who instead feels nervous or anxious about driving, so much so that you avoid driving or are concerned your anxiety will lead to a [...]

Summer Maintenance for Your Car

Our hot, hot heat can be a doozy on our vehicles. Witness some poor drivers stranded on the roadside, and you know what we mean. Proactive maintenance of all of your vehicle’s systems and parts is a surefire way to beat the heat and ensure your vehicle [...]

Proper Driving Position Explained

Do you ever feel as though you're contorting your body into strange and uncomfortable positions when you’re in the driver’s seat? Our cars aren’t exactly built to comfortably accommodate our bodies, particularly the curve of the lower back, which can put strain on the spine. Vehicles can [...]

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