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How Does Car Air Conditioning Work?

You’re no doubt grateful for the rush of cool air that provides relief from the severe summer heat when you turn on your vehicle’s air conditioning, but have you ever wondered how it actually works?  Just as with anything else that powers your vehicle, the underworkings of [...]

What to Do if Your Car Overheats

What does it mean if your car overheats?  When we say this, we’re actually referring to your engine overheating. Many times, this happens because the vehicle’s cooling system isn’t working properly and doesn’t allow heat to leave the engine compartment.  This means that when the engine overheats, [...]

Don’t Leave Pets in Hot Cars

Do you know how quickly the temperature escalates inside your parked car in the Arizona heat? It only takes 15 minutes for a pet’s body temperature to reach levels that are damaging to their nervous system and cardiovascular system.  The fact is that pets and hot cars [...]

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