Getting behind the wheel for the very first time can be scary. But for those pursuing a driver’s license, accumulating hours of driving experience is crucial not just for safety, but for meeting state requirements.

The best way to alleviate and overcome those fears? Learn how to drive in an environment that is supportive, and makes you feel safe and confident.

While the state of Arizona doesn’t require potential license holders to complete driver education programs prior to taking a driving test, a driving school can teach teens and others looking for a license critical driving skills that will help them be safe drivers.

How should you choose a driving school? Your search for “driver’s education classes near me,” can pull up so many results it feels baffling.

How to find the right driver’s education course

In addition to seeking out a school that offers multiple, convenient locations and a variety of driving education packages, it’s important that you understand the quality of the instruction and the school’s philosophy before you register.

You know you’ve found the right driving school when it has these essentials:

The best driving instructors

Instructors who aren’t just competent, but who are also kind and patient, can make a big difference in a student’s experience with driving lessons. After all, it takes a certain kind of personality to maintain a steady composure while sitting in the passenger seat alongside someone who is brand new behind the wheel.

Our instructors at Stop and Go Driving School have extensive experience teaching students, both in the classroom and with in-car driver’s training. Most of our instructors are former educators, law enforcement officers, or bus drivers, and all have undergone thorough background checks and fingerprinting. Just as importantly, they love to teach.

Comprehensive in-class and behind-the-wheel training

Earning a high enough score on the driving test to earn a license is the goal, and a thorough driving education in and out of the classroom is the best way to get there. At Stop and Go, we focus on safety and ensuring our students are properly informed so they can successfully navigate any driving situation.

Our classroom courses cover safety education in addition to driving laws and other essentials. Our in-car instruction will help any driver become confident operating a vehicle in high-volume, complex traffic situations in addition to freeway driving, parking maneuvers, speed control and more, with an option to take the driver’s evaluation (administered by our MVD-certified evaluator) during the final hour of instruction, instead of testing at the MVD.

Learning safe driving doesn’t stop when someone gets their license. Our Alive@25® classroom course teaches defensive driving in interactive and engaging ways to help young drivers take responsibility for their behavior on the road.

Strong reputation

Customer ratings and reviews are good markers of the quality of instruction you’ll receive at any driving school. Look for a school that has many positive reviews and testimonials, particularly those that talk about instructor quality.

Stop and Go has been in business for more than 20 years, and our commitment to our students and to safety has made us the number one driving school in Arizona.

Ready to get your license, permit, or improve your skills? Check out all our driver’s ed options and register for a course today.