If you received a traffic violation and can’t afford to pay the fine or you want to remove the points from your record, then you should consider enrolling in Defensive Driving School. Defensive Driving School is a fantastic option for Arizona drivers, but many are unaware of its benefits. Keep reading to find out more about defensive driving school and how you can enroll.

What is Defensive Driving School?

In Arizona, Defensive Driving School is an optional four-hour class that a driver can take instead of paying for a ticket to avoid accumulating points on your record for multiple violations. Defensive Driving School differs from Traffic Survival School. While Defensive Driving School is an optional class, Traffic Survival School is a mandatory course that drivers need to take to prevent their licenses from getting suspended.

In Defensive Driving School, drivers can refresh their knowledge of Arizona driving laws and learn how to be better and safer behind the wheel. Even great drivers can benefit from enrolling in Defensive Driving School because they can learn how to be more cautious of the dangerous or inexperienced drivers we share the road with every day. You never know who you will encounter on the road, so enrolling in defensive driving school is a fantastic way to keep yourself from accumulating too many points on your driving record while learning more about how to be the safest driver you can be.

Who should take defensive driving classes?

You should take defensive driving classes if you:

  • Have not taken Defensive Driving within 12 months of your violation date
  • Have not accumulated too many points on your record
  • Want to lower your auto insurance rates by voluntarily taking classes
  • Want to refresh your knowledge of Arizona driving laws

Choosing a Defensive Driving School

When choosing a defensive driving school, you should look for a school that provides the best education, opportunities, and accommodations for its students. You also need to choose a school that has been approved by the state of Arizona. Visit AZcourts.gov/drive for a list of eligible defensive driving schools that you can choose from.

You may want to choose a defensive driving school that provides opportunities to take defensive driving courses both online and in person. Depending on your personal schedule and lifestyle, you should decide whether an in-person or online course will work best for you. There are benefits to both, so do your research and choose the option that is best for your personal learning style and schedule.

Why choose Stop and Go Driving School?

Stop and Go Driving School is the best option for those needing to take a defensive driving course because of the accommodations and educational opportunities it provides for its students.

If you decide to take in-person Defensive Driving School, then Stop and Go is a great option for you because it has more locations in the Phoenix Metro area than any other driving school. Stop and Go instructors are also fluent in English, Spanish, and other languages, so they are able to teach students of a wide variety of backgrounds. Stop and Go also offers both day and evening classes to accommodate to your schedule.

If an online course is better for you, then you should choose Stop and Go because of its easy and convenient online registration process. You can take an online defensive driving course on your own time and at your own pace, and the online platform is easy to use.

To register for Stop and Go Defensive Driving School, visit StopandGo1.com for information.