Car Care and Safety Course

Become a Smarter Driver

Learn more than you ever thought you could about how to stay safe on the road during this fun four-hour car care and safety course. After you get your driver license, you can get to know your car and how to take care of it.

Topics include:

  • Checking and changing fluids (oil, washer fluid, coolant, etc.)
  • Checking and changing windshield wipers, and how often
  • Checking and changing tires
  • Jumpstarting a dead battery

We also give you valuable information on crash avoidance maneuvers:

  • When braking and turning
  • When there are distractions
  • When you’re tired

Plus, get valuable information on the dangers of texting and driving as well as DUI laws in Arizona and nationwide. Using “drunk goggles” to perform basic motor skills, students will experience how their vision is the first thing impacted when drinking.

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Car Care and Safety with Package



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